A different sort of gift.

My husband seldom gets me flowers or takes me out. Instead, he fills my life with gifts I actually appreciate. <3 Happy Valentine’s day all. Read More

Free Photo Friday: Fun with chickens

These pictures are free to use on your blog, website, etc. Rules: The photos are free, the bandwidth is not. If you hot-link the pictures, you will discover much to your embarrassment that the picture you are using on your website is suddenly not the one you picked out. If you don’t want an advertisement Read More

How to successfully start seedlings indoors

If you’ve never actually tried, you may think this is a pitifully easy thing any moron could do. Stick some seeds in a pot of soil, put the pot under a light, and water it right? That’s what I thought too. A few weeks later I realized my mistake. My plants would grow alright, and Read More

My new years resolution: deal with my notebook addiction

It’s already a bit late in the year to be discussing new year’s resolutions, but this is the earliest my schedule would let me post about it. 🙂 This year I thought good and hard on a new years resolution that would be both good for me, and one I can keep. The truth is Read More

Breed Profile: Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund is a breed of dog developed to herd reindeer. These tough little dogs have quick reflexes in order to dodge swipes from wayward antlers, and a thick weather proof coat to ward off chills while they are working. Finnish Lapphunds make excellent family pets, and can be very different based on their Read More

100+ Hour Project: Spartan Racing

One of the perks of being a writer is that I get exposed to a variety of different topics. I doubt that I ever would have even heard about spartan racing if it wasn’t for someone purchasing an article based on the topic. I popped up a YouTube video of it and felt a thrill Read More

Happy New Year!

2018 was our first year running Renegade Housewife. It has been a wonderful year, meeting new people and proving that a blog with topics as wide as this one still has a home in the world out there. I’m glad that there are dog-crazy-photograph-snapping-experiment-conducting housewives (and house husbands!) out there everywhere that enjoy blogs like Read More

Merry Christmas!

(Psst. Want to see the blooper? We’ll post it if 20 people wish us happy holidays in return! It doesn’t have to be Christmas, we know there are a lot of holidays out there, but we’d like to share a little in the joy of this wonderful season.) Read More

SIDS happens.

On 12/19/16 my daughter died. She was 9 weeks old. I have always been afraid of SIDS, and after she died I learned more than ever this is a good thing to fear. It means your baby dies. Not ‘some baby’ somewhere out in the world. Your baby. Even though you lay her on her Read More

Writing experiment: Did Confict & Suspense help my story?

James Scott Bell’s Conflict & Suspense is a well written and enlightening book on the bare bones essentials of writing. I opened this book and immediately became enraptured by his easy writing style and great advice. Before I’d even finished the first chapter, my notebook was whipped out and I was making thoughtful edits to Read More

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