Month: March 2018

A dog house built on sand: why foundation is important.

Have you ever hired on at a new job, only to find your trainer went over things only once or twice before rushing you to the next task? When you ask again how to work the cash register, or perhaps which program your supposed to use on the computer, your trainer becomes annoyed, as if Read More

Just Because You See an Egg, Doesn’t Mean the Rooster Laid It.

“Correlation does not imply Causation.” If you’ve ever tried to have an argument about anything related to science, this has probably been thrown in your face a time or two. But what does it mean anyway? It means that is hard to prove anything when it comes down to science. Let’s say you switch your Read More

Cherry-picking facts: A word on Confirmation Bias

Humans are incredibly fallible creatures. We form opinions about the world, and fear being wrong so much that we sometimes refuse to see what is right in front of us. We want that bottle of shampoo that says “deshed” to get rid of all the shedding on our dogs, like a magic potion. We want Read More

Welcome to Renegade House Wife!

I believe in the exploration of home. There is nothing that saddens me more than when I hear a child, or even an adult, say that there is nothing left to be explored. I believe that there will always be an adventure to be had, an experiment to be conducted, a discovery to be made. Read More

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