Month: April 2018

Gardening: Figuring out how many bean plants you need for your family.

I have long held dreams of living out of my garden and using the food I grow as my main source of food. Despite my big ambitions every year, I usually fall short due to my tiny gardening space, and the general lack of knowledge out there on how much you need to grow in Read More

Zoom. Zoom! ZOOM! How to use the zoom on the Powershot SX530 HS

If you’re not yelling the lyrics to the Zenon, girl of the 21st century movie already; I have embed the grainy, old school video so you can get it stuck in your head at your convenience. Seriously. That was an awesome movie. Anyways, you probably aren’t here to be reliving a tweenies movie from the Read More

The Otaku’s Wife: When He Wants to Watch an Anime with You.

You suspected there would be a day, long before he asked you. You know about the cute little dolls he stashes all over the place. (Sorry, “Figurines.”) You know about the posters. You have even witnessed enough anime as you drop off supplies of mountain dew and ramen noodles in his man cave, to have Read More

The Powershot SX530 HS – A Blogger’s Dream Camera

Through the life and death of my last several blogs, I have used an array of different cameras. I have used everything from the cameras on my phone, to the go pro, the coolpix L110 and even the modest coolpix l22. I have loved them all in their own little way, but if I were Read More

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