Month: June 2018

Aphids: What You Need To Do For This Garden Pest

Your plants seem to be a little more lackluster than you remember them being a week ago. The plants that were so vigorous until now are behind plants in different garden beds, and seem to be a little smaller or weaker. When you investigate more closely, you discover lots of tiny insects crawling all over Read More

4th of July for the Freaked Out

I know, I know. Here we are discussing the 4th of July, and it is only the middle of June. For some of you, this post may seem particularly unimpressive because you don’t live inside the USA. Bear with me. This post is less about celebrating the independence of a country, and more to do Read More

an egg

Eggs Benedict for Average Chefs

My father’s favorite breakfast treat is Eggs Benedict. As a kid, I remember him choosing it every time we’d go to a restaurant, particularly if it was new. He would talk about whether it had enough lemon in it, how the bacon was, and really made it seem like every aspect of the meal was Read More

The 100 hour project: Cleaning

I’m a complete slob. Everyone who has ever met me has come to accept this simple fact about me. Just like they accept the fact that I love Dr. Who and that I have a bunch of wonderful doggies. A few that know me revile me for it, but most people just accept it. I Read More

The Otaku’s Wife: Kimi No Na Wa

Kimi No Na Wa is a stand alone anime with a sometimes super natural, sometimes romantic, and sometimes tragic theme. It follows the lives of a City boy, Taki, and a country girl Mitsuha, as they mysteriously begin to swap bodies. This, as you can imagine, poses quite a few problems for the two as Read More

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