Month: October 2018

Puppy PreK: Stay

“Stay” is actually a highly complex skill, that not all pre-k puppies are ready for. Even if your puppy is unable to master this command however, practicing it can help your puppy down the road by strengthening his base commands, teaching him self control, and helping him raise the threshold for his base commands without Read More

The Otaku’s Wife: Time to cry now with “Shelter”

This stupid anime got me right in the feels. Its not even a proper anime, but a music video just 6 minutes long. In it we meet Rin. Rin spends her life in a virtual reality simulator, and creates new and beautiful worlds for herself every day. As time progresses, Rin discovers why she is Read More

Experiment: Can your writing really improve from those writing books?

Check out a bookstore or library, and you’ll be sure to find a shelf on writing somewhere. This shelf often doesn’t house a few forgotten tomes on literature, but are filled to the brim with flashy looking books that promise you the ability to write better. “Advice from your favorite author! Write like a pro! Read More

Puppy PreK: Come when called

If you teach your dog no other command, make sure he knows this one. Recall is not just handy for bringing him in from the back garden, it can help find him when he is lost or keep him away from a dangerous threat. Luckily, recall is also the easiest of all the commands we Read More

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