Month: December 2018

Merry Christmas!

(Psst. Want to see the blooper? We’ll post it if 20 people wish us happy holidays in return! It doesn’t have to be Christmas, we know there are a lot of holidays out there, but we’d like to share a little in the joy of this wonderful season.) Read More

SIDS happens.

On 12/19/16 my daughter died. She was 9 weeks old. I have always been afraid of SIDS, and after she died I learned more than ever this is a good thing to fear. It means your baby dies. Not ‘some baby’ somewhere out in the world. Your baby. Even though you lay her on her Read More

Writing experiment: Did Confict & Suspense help my story?

James Scott Bell’s Conflict & Suspense is a well written and enlightening book on the bare bones essentials of writing. I opened this book and immediately became enraptured by his easy writing style and great advice. Before I’d even finished the first chapter, my notebook was whipped out and I was making thoughtful edits to Read More

Is it too much to ask that you wear the clothes I wash before it is dirty?!

So today I was going about my life as a Renegade Housewife, getting the dishes done and doing laundry. It’s a lot of work, but work has been slow the past few days so I’m taking advantage of that quiet time to make my house respectably clean. In the bottom of the basket my son Read More

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