Month: February 2019

Getting to know your Powershot SX530 HS better with the trifecta of photography

In the next few months, I’m looking forward to bringing you a section on how to use the “manual” settings on your Powershot SX530 HS. If you’re anything like me, this mysterious setting on the camera is a murky subject at best. Even though I bought this camera specifically because of the manual settings, it Read More

A different sort of gift.

My husband seldom gets me flowers or takes me out. Instead, he fills my life with gifts I actually appreciate. <3 Happy Valentine’s day all. Read More

Free Photo Friday: Fun with chickens

These pictures are free to use on your blog, website, etc. Rules: The photos are free, the bandwidth is not. If you hot-link the pictures, you will discover much to your embarrassment that the picture you are using on your website is suddenly not the one you picked out. If you don’t want an advertisement Read More

How to successfully start seedlings indoors

If you’ve never actually tried, you may think this is a pitifully easy thing any moron could do. Stick some seeds in a pot of soil, put the pot under a light, and water it right? That’s what I thought too. A few weeks later I realized my mistake. My plants would grow alright, and Read More

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