Month: April 2019

Spartan Training: 25 hours in

If you’re reading this, I’ve survived 25 hours of doing my best at training for the Spartan Race. Today marked a pivotal moment in running. I signed up for a 5k as a prep race at the end of the month, and today I was able to run 5k distance without having to drop into Read More

Breed Profile: Chihuahua

What made you decide to get a Chihuahua? My husband decided he was getting a chihuahua. The dog would be for him and no one else. Since I worked as a dog groomer at the time and had seen my fair share of leg sharks, I was fine not having anything to do with “his” Read More

Free Photo Friday: A Walrus

Read More

How Fiverr Began My Journey as a Full Time Writer.

After the loss of our daughter, it became more important than ever for me to be able to stay home with our son, and any future children we may have. Working from home is a passion many parents have, but it can be a difficult one to manage if your day job doesn’t allow for Read More

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