Month: May 2019

Spartan Training: Prep Race

Today was my prep race for the Spartan race in September, and also my very first race ever. The distance was 5k, which is about the shortest distance the Spartan race could be. I’ll need to run farther to know for sure I can handle the distance. The last few days I’ve been filled with Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Bark

10. This Fluffy Bastard just mooned him. 9. You left him aloooooooooooooooooooooone 8. You came back! 7. He’s hella bored. 6. You forgot something important. 5. It’s his. And he wants you to know that. 4. He can’t quite reach something. 3. You’re kinda scary 2. They’re calling the pack to war. They know you’ll Read More

Free Photo Friday: Nature

Read More

I failed at being a runner today

With just 3 weeks remaining to my 5k Prep Race (and first race ever!) I’m doubling down on my workouts. My daughter has been swept off to various parks and hiking trails for 2-3 mile runs as I struggle to repeat the PR I set the last time I wrote. Unfortunately, despite resting, not resting, Read More

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