Category: The Bedroom

Is it too much to ask that you wear the clothes I wash before it is dirty?!

So today I was going about my life as a Renegade Housewife, getting the dishes done and doing laundry. It’s a lot of work, but work has been slow the past few days so I’m taking advantage of that quiet time to make my house respectably clean. In the bottom of the basket my son Read More

All I want for my Birthday is 5 minutes of peace.

This week I will be getting another year older, and celebrating like I’m 10 years old and just now experiencing double digits. I don’t always love my birthdays, but when you are a working mom that hardly ever gets a break, just being alive with only a few gray hairs poking straight up out of Read More

Yes, my too-old-for-this-shit darling, you MAY sleep with a stuffie.

I never thought in a million years I would ever write a post appropriate for “the bedroom” so I didn’t initially make this category. (I’m too embarrassed to even write a naughty scene in a completely fictional story written under a pen name. The only bedroom posts you are getting will involve turning your bedroom Read More

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