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Writing experiment: Did Writing Down The Bones Help My Story?

Book Review: Writing Down the Bones I both loved and hated this book. I loved the simple writing, the personal tone the author struck, and the short chapters you could skip around without too much worry of losing your place. I hated the strong poetry slant that made me feel if I wasn’t slavering and Read More

NaNoWriMo for the Broken Wristed

I don’t really have a broken wrist, but sometimes it feels like I might as well have. I suffer from the beginnings of carpal tunnel, made worse by the fact that I spend my whole day scissoring and then come home to write 5-6000 words every day. When I finish writing for all my clients Read More

Experiment: Can your writing really improve from those writing books?

Check out a bookstore or library, and you’ll be sure to find a shelf on writing somewhere. This shelf often doesn’t house a few forgotten tomes on literature, but are filled to the brim with flashy looking books that promise you the ability to write better. “Advice from your favorite author! Write like a pro! Read More

Free Photo Friday: Mount Rainier

These photos are free to use on your blog, website, etc. Rules: The photos are free, the bandwidth is not. If you hot-link the pictures, you will discover much to your embarrassment that the picture you are using on your website is suddenly not the one you picked out. If you don’t want an advertisement Read More

Blank Page Syndrome: Face down your worst enemy and win.

It’s time. You are finally ready to write your next great novel and wow your readers with the story you have been harboring in your heart for years. You open up your document in word or other software, rest your hands on the keyboard and begin taking the first few steps on your road to Read More

Ready! Set! Action! Capture your subject in motion with the Powershot SX530 HS

One of my favorite features of this camera is the ability to take a rapid succession of photos. My old camera couldn’t take photos quickly, and all the photos were blurred. With the Powershot SX530 HS, I still struggle with action shots that are extremely close up and also in dim light. I suspect this Read More

Free Photo Friday – Our Moon

This month I am proud to announce the beginning of a feature for my blog friends, book cover artists, and other friends who need awesome pictures for their work, but don’t have a great camera or the ability to get their photos on the internet. Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking awesome photos Read More

Photoshop Fun: Add a Unique Twist to Your Shots With the Powershot SX530 HS

Most of the time we know what we want when we press the trigger on our cameras, but sometimes a little fun can give us the sparkle we never knew we wanted. When you switch to the multi page button on your camera and hold down the photo button, it will take several photos in Read More

Let’s get fishy! Using the fish eye effect on your Powershot SX530 HS

You may have noticed on your camera the two interlinking circles, and took a sample photo only to discover the picture you took was out of focus in an oddly circular way, like the camera had suddenly formed a bubble in the center. This is called the fish eye effect, and the Powershot SX530 HS Read More

Zoom. Zoom! ZOOM! How to use the zoom on the Powershot SX530 HS

If you’re not yelling the lyrics to the Zenon, girl of the 21st century movie already; I have embed the grainy, old school video so you can get it stuck in your head at your convenience. Seriously. That was an awesome movie. Anyways, you probably aren’t here to be reliving a tweenies movie from the Read More

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