How Fiverr Began My Journey as a Full Time Writer.

After the loss of our daughter, it became more important than ever for me to be able to stay home with our son, and any future children we may have. Working from home is a passion many parents have, but it can be a difficult one to manage if your day job doesn’t allow for Read More

Getting Close Up and Personal with the Powershot SX530 HS

Take a close look at the photo to the left. This is a photo of a beautiful butterfly that I took on a road trip when I first got my camera. I didn’t realize then all the features of my Powershot, and I made one tiny mistake. I forgot to switch it to micro mode. Read More

How to stop your child from being a lazy little slob

I’m sure there will be someone out there gasping that anyone could describe their child using negative words like ‘lazy’ and ‘slob’. Many more of us however, are desperately searching Google for an answer that has plagued parents for generations. How do you prevent your children from leaving a trail of debris behind them where Read More

Hatching Silkies: The Journey of some Clicker Chicks

I didn’t intend to raise chickens this year. Actually, I didn’t plan on getting any more chicks until our old layers had all passed on. I have discovered that while I love all of my chickens, those big layer hens that are touted for being able to lay sooooo many eggs are easily surpassed by Read More

How to get your dog to stop barking, nicely.

When your dog has a barking problem, it can be hard to get help. Ask the great sages of the internet how to get your dog to stop barking, and typically you get one of three responses: “You shouldn’t have chosen that breed! They’re known to bark!” (Thanks. I’ll just tell him to change his Read More

Yes, my dear son. I do have to knock before I come in.

“You don’t have to knock mom, you can just come in.” That loving generosity came from my six year old. I love him with all of my heart. He is a great boy that I probably don’t mention enough on this blog. (Mainly because of privacy issues. I’d love to do a mom blog and Read More

Getting to know your Powershot SX530 HS better with the trifecta of photography

In the next few months, I’m looking forward to bringing you a section on how to use the “manual” settings on your Powershot SX530 HS. If you’re anything like me, this mysterious setting on the camera is a murky subject at best. Even though I bought this camera specifically because of the manual settings, it Read More

A different sort of gift.

My husband seldom gets me flowers or takes me out. Instead, he fills my life with gifts I actually appreciate. <3 Happy Valentine’s day all. Read More

Free Photo Friday: Fun with chickens

These pictures are free to use on your blog, website, etc. Rules: The photos are free, the bandwidth is not. If you hot-link the pictures, you will discover much to your embarrassment that the picture you are using on your website is suddenly not the one you picked out. If you don’t want an advertisement Read More

How to successfully start seedlings indoors

If you’ve never actually tried, you may think this is a pitifully easy thing any moron could do. Stick some seeds in a pot of soil, put the pot under a light, and water it right? That’s what I thought too. A few weeks later I realized my mistake. My plants would grow alright, and Read More

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